SEMRUSH Keyword Research Tutorial 2023 (For Beginners)

In the term so we are going to use a tool called Semrush which kind of looks like this.

This is a keyword research tool, um to find out what the traffic is and what the competition is for each of these keywords. Now I do have a special offer or a special link you guys can use which will basically give you a 14 days trial of the pro version of this tool, Um instead of the regular seven day trial.

So by using the link and signing up for semrush you can get a 14 days trial instead of a seven day and you can actually just find all of your keywords that you want to write about for the next couple of months in in your 14 days trial period and then you can upgrade to the paid version once you are making some money. So if you want to get some additional days in your free trial make sure to use the link and then once you signed up for your trial and you’re logged into your semrush dashboard you want to go to the left side here and click on keyword magic tool

then here in the search bar

you want to type in the keyword that you want to do some research on in my case this is mailer Lite which is the email marketing software we might want to do some content about and then let’s click on search and now we can see all of the related keywords

and we can also see how many people approximately are searching for that keyword under volume. So for the keyword made a light there’s approximately 27000 people searching for that keyword however we can also see the KD which means to keyword difficulty. Telling you how hard it will be to actually rank your site or your post for that keyword. So here we can see it’s 79 meaning you will need lots of high quality referring domains and optimized content. In order for you to rank on that page. Now for a new website this is almost impossible this is why we don’t want to go for keywords that are this hard. So to only see the keywords that are like easy or that are doable to actually rank your post for is. We want to go to the filters here and then under KD keyword difficulty

we’re just going to look at the easy and the very easy Search terms. So to actually see both of them we’re going to use the custom range we’re going to type in zero and then here we’re going to type in 29 this is just a percentage number for the KD the keyword difficulty and then for the results

you want to make sure to sort this by a volume here as it’s already done you can see the highest volume here is at the top and then you just want to go through this list here and look at what are some keywords that are actually transactional meaning that when people type that in they’re very likely to make a purchasing decision and go for one of these options that you can see here or maybe for made a light which is the platform we write content about. So here the first thing we can see is mailerlite versus convertkit this is actually a great keyword to write content about because this is a transactional keyword somebody who’s looking to get an email marketing software they know both of them or they’ve seen both of them and now they want to know which one is the right one for them and then you basically give them the answer with your blog post. So there’s 390 people looking or typing that keyword into the search bar a month now that’s obviously less than what we’ve seen before like 27000 searches a month but because we’re going for affiliate programs that actually have high commissions we don’t need that much traffic to actually start making money. So we need to start out with these lower difficulty keywords to start building up the authority of our website. So this would actually be a good keyword to go for we can see keyword difficulty is 21 so it says you need high quality focused content focused on the keywords intent this is what we do anyway. So we still have a chance of ranking then we can go down and also look at even easier ones so for example we can see this one here flodesk vs mailerlite

this is actually a keyword difficulty of zero meaning it’s probably going to be very easy to rank your blog post on this. For this keyword however there’s only 30 searches a month so we might want to go with something that has a bit of a higher volume but still a low keyword difficulty like for example mailerlite vs active campaign 320 searches

a month with a keyword difficulty of 17 so that’s lower than the this one here the versus convertkit and we’ve seen that active campaign also has a very lucrative affiliate program. So this might be a good keyword that we want to look into. Now here you can see CPC this is basically what advertisers are paying to display ads on people who type in that keyword and the higher the number is here or if you see a high number here that’s also a good sign that this is actually a valuable keyword to create content for. So to further check out this keyword we can just click on it here.

Here we can scroll down and look at the serp analysis

this will just kind of show you the websites that are currently ranking for that keyword we are looking at. So the top ranking website is this one here the

So we can also check out how the site looks like or how that post looks like by just going to the links. As you can see it’s just a regular blog post nothing special and then what I also like to look at is the authority score.

So this will tell you how much authority this website has with Google and it goes from 0 to 100 so the closer to 100 the higher. The authority is and just by seeing that this is only six this tells me that it’s quite possible to rank um for this specific keyword and because all of these websites they don’t really have a high Authority score like this one even has a zero Authority score, then this one as well zero, this one as well zero. So this number 10 search result has zero Authority score, zero referring domains, zero backlinks and is still at page 10 of Google. So this just again tells me that it’s quite possible to rank for this keyword, which is why I would actually add this keyword to my keyword list. So let’s scroll up

and then here next to the keyword let’s click on the plus icon and then let’s create our first list. So let’s just name this list email marketing tools

and then hit this check mark and now when we want to get to our keyword list. We simply go to keyword manager here and then we can see

our category email marketing tools. We click on it and then we can always see the keywords that we store here mail light versus active campain is the keyword that i want to create some.

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