How to Write Reviews on Affiliate Products That Lead to Sales

After you put links to your website and began affiliate marketing, nothing happens. You’re not gaining any traction, and no one is clicking on your links.

You are aware that writing reviews for affiliate products that generate clicks and sales is something you should understand!

Since everything begins with a click.

You might just have an affiliate sale that day if your product review was successful enough. or possibly after a few days. With that tracking cookie, the commission will go to you.

Yes! (visualize me giving you a fist bump.)

That is a triumph.

But like me, a lot of novice bloggers find it difficult to produce the ideal affiliate product review that drives traffic. This is a result of the fact that it differs from conventional blogging.

That is not entirely accurate.

I’ll walk you through the essential components of an excellent product review today to help your content start generating sales as soon as possible!

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Select Affiliate Products and Services That You Love and Currently Use

Are you curious about how to attract people to click on your affiliate links?

Any successful affiliate marketer will inform you that in order to turn a reader into a customer, you need to:

Write affiliate reviews for goods and services that you have firsthand experience with and are well-versed in.

Consider this: if you’ve tried something, you’re more inclined to share personal tales, experiences, and examples.

Your readers will find your criticism credible if they know and trust you (keep working on your personal branding!). It’s a strong psychological motivator for affiliate link conversions.

The most recent Google suggestions regarding reviews state the same thing. Talk from your own firsthand knowledge!

Get People To Click On Your Affiliate Product Review By Using A Catchy, Short SEO Title

For every blog post you write, you should follow SEO best practices. However, there’s typically a lot more competition when it comes to affiliate product reviews.

Thus, the title that appears in search engine results, or your SEO title, must:

  • make an impression with strong, forceful language that, if feasible, convey a value.
  • Be succinct and elegant.
  • appropriately relate to the post’s content.

Do Some SEO Keyword Research for Affiliate Reviews

Commence with a long-tail term, just like you would with any other blog article.

Consider the reader’s possible search term when you begin writing an affiliate product review. The “product name review” is the simplest.

To find the best low competition and high volume keywords, use Ubersuggest or other keyword analysis tools.

Do you need assistance with SEO? To get started, enroll in my free mini-course on SEO!

In the introduction, grab their interest and establish credibility

The best thing you can do when writing affiliate product evaluations is to pique the reader’s interest in the first two paragraphs.

  • Make it relevant to their issue by asking what the main issue that the good or service resolves.
  • Because you have personally utilized the product or service to resolve the same issue, establish yourself as a reliable reviewer!

This implies that you should write the first few paragraphs of your essay with great care. For optimal on-page SEO, the keyword must also be included.

With this intro, I accomplished a couple things:

  • I’ve noticed the issue: peeling potatoes takes a lot of effort and time.
  • I looked over a lot of choices; you don’t have to.
  • I’ve found the solution in ABC Potato Peeler that has substantially decreased my peeling time for six potatoes (by 10 minutes!).
  • To increase the credibility aspect, I spoke in my own voice.

Take your time when writing the introduction to your affiliate product review. Before publication, make edits and a second reading. Does it encourage the reader to read on?

Show them The Proof

Provide evidence before writing your affiliate product review’s pros and cons section or its features and benefits.

This could range from:

  • Screenshots or pictures taken before and after.
  • Examples of work created utilizing a product (e.g. a SaaS product).
  • A video walkthrough of the solution happening in real time.
  • comments made by others on your experience on social media.
  • If third-party validation is required — for example, if you’re reviewing an at-home hair colour product and people are believing you went to a professional to get it done, since it’s looking so nice.

Images are a great approach to demonstrate a product or service’s capabilities.

Explain the Benefits and Drawbacks

Writing reviews of affiliate products that weigh the pros and cons is the best approach.

Consumers are aware that there will never be a flawless good or service. They anticipate hearing your critical assessment of it.

But writing each one calls for some fine tuning.

Advice For Professional Writers

  • Consider features and benefits: identify the standout trait and its advantages.
  • Start with the solutions that address the most pressing issues first.
  • Next, provide the other “nice to have” features.
  • Don’t be overly “salesy.”

Advice For Composing The Cons

Every product has defects. It’s ridiculous to expect flawless evaluations. You must therefore include a few drawbacks, but keep in mind:

  • Don’t be too critical!
  • Modify your wording by substituting “drawbacks” for “issues,” for example.
  • Apply the Oreo cookie technique to constructive criticism: list the positive aspects, suggest improvements, then conclude with reasons why the product or service is still excellent overall.

Include A Table Of Features And Benefits

People are curious about their financial investments and what they’re getting in return.

You should list all of the main characteristics and advantages of the product when writing reviews for affiliate products. Because tables are so easy to scan, you might choose to perform this in a table format.

If there are many solutions that your audience would be most interested in, include the price points.

You don’t need to include a column listing the items included in the business enterprise choice, for instance, if you’re writing for bloggers rather than major corporations.

TIP: To build stunning product displays, grids, and lists, try the Lasso Affiliate plugin.

Briefly Discuss The Alternatives

The possibilities will be of interest to your readers.

You don’t have to provide a lot of information. Provide a quick graphic outlining the main differences between two to five options.

Justify the superiority of this product over the alternatives.

Final Thoughts

When writing evaluations of affiliate products, don’t forget to include Your Affiliate Disclosure Statement!

It should be added PRIOR to your first affiliate link.

Make it simple for them to locate the pertinent details in your message.

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