7 Best High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives In 2023

One of the greatest tools for making money online is Google Adsense.

But since Google Adsense is the most dependable and trustworthy tool for assisting bloggers in monetizing their blogs, the majority of bloggers rely on it.

Although it is the best option, is it the only one available to monetize your blog or generate income online?

No, it is not, in my opinion.

There are numerous Google AdSense substitutes available that can assist you in earning money online.

Thus, we’ll examine the top 6 Google AdSense substitutes in this post.

Let’s get started.

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I adore Monetag because of their innovative technology, which makes them one of the best ad networks. They have added a web push notifications ad type in addition to the standard ad types.

Monetag offers a variety of ad types that you can choose from based on the type of blog you have. Whether it is for your video content, mobile site, or desktop site. The $25 minimum payout is inactive for all new, medium-sized blogs, regardless of traffic volume.

This is a good substitute for the extremely lucrative AdSense.

Media.net – Best Choice

Given that Yahoo and Bing launched Media.net, it’s likely that you are aware of it.

It is also one of the biggest contextual ad networks and a direct rival of Adsense.

Even so, it can yield higher earnings than Adsense because the majority of Media.net’s traffic and advertisers are from the US and other international nations.

For everyone, it is more profitable.

Obtaining approval on Media.net can be a little challenging.

However, yes

You can obtain AdSense approval for your blog quickly if it is of high quality and receives sufficient traffic from major countries.

$100 is the payment threshold. And Payoneer is a way for you to get paid.

Propeller Ads

I think PropellerAds is an excellent ad network because of their innovative use of technology.

With its high CPMs, PropellerAds gained popularity very quickly after its launch in 2011.

Most users of this website made thousands of dollars, and the majority of them posted about it online.

It can be used in a wide range of niches, including entertainment, games, movies, videos, and other slots that AdSense doesn’t support.

They have just released their web push notification ad type as part of their ongoing efforts to provide their users with the best possible experience. They have a great variety of ad types and a great ad performance.

It will probably work best for beginner and intermediate bloggers because it has a minimum payout of $25.


PopAds is the most cost-effective platform for running ads in large countries and has high-quality traffic, making it ideal for advertisers.

By displaying their pop-up advertisements, it is also great for publishers and helps them monetize the income from their blogs.

Additionally appropriate for adult content, music, movies, and other websites that AdSense blocks.

Therefore, if you intend to create a website for movie downloads or another website,

Which might be against Google AdSense policy, allowing you to monetize your blog with PopAds.


AdThrive is a great option for anyone searching for a high-end substitute for Google AdSense. AdThrive is not your typical ad network because publishers must meet minimum monthly pageview requirements of 100,000 and apply through a rigorous process.

These nations are also anticipated to account for the majority of your traffic:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

You can use the link below to apply for approval if you think AdThrive is a good fit for your website.


In 2023, anyone searching for a superior substitute for Google AdSense ought to check out Mediavine. An additional premium ad network for publishers with high-quality content and traffic.

To be a MediaVine member, your website needs to have:

  • fifty thousand sessions over the preceding thirty days (Google Analytics)
  • good standing with AdSense on Google
  • unique content for any industry
  • lengthy and captivating content

Amazon Affiliate Program

I am aware that this isn’t precisely a network for display ads. However, I promise you that one of the greatest AdSense substitutes for low traffic blogs is Amazon Associates.

It’s very simple to make money with the Amazon affiliate program. Any product in the extensive product catalog can be selected, and you can immediately promote it on your blog.

The best part is that you get paid a commission each time a reader uses one of your links to make a purchase on Amazon. Yes, you will still get paid even if you link to a slow juicer and they purchase fishing gear.

Final Thoughts On 7 Best High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives In 2023

Compared to other options, AdSense is by far the greatest for monetizing your blog.

However, you are unable to join AdSense if your website violates AdSense policy or if you are unable to approve Adsense accounts.

These are the best alternatives to Google Adsense that can generate the appropriate amount of revenue.

It is up to you which platform you use to monetize your blog: Adsense or another one.

Although there are many alternatives to Google AdSense, these are the most well-liked ones.

and you can put your trust in each of the previously mentioned websites.

If you enjoyed this article—which I hope you did—please spread the word about it because sharing is caring.

If you have any questions or recommendations for this list, please leave a comment below.

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